About Bingle Camp

Bingle Camp & Retreat Center is located on beautiful Harding Lake, an hour outside of Fairbanks. Rev. Bert Bingle, Alaskan Missionary and pastor founded the camp in 1953. The Presbytery of Yukon, PCUSA, owns the camp. It is operated by a non-profit corporation, Bingle Camp Ministries, whose board of directors maintain close ties with several denominations in the Interior. Interdenominational camping programs are provided through most of June and July. When camp is not in session Camp is available as rental facility to qualifying groups (AS29.45.030).

Bingle Camp is nestled on 66 hilly acres amongst large birch and spruce trees. It is a rustic log cabin camp. Harding Lake Lodge overlooks the lake and is the centerpiece of the camp. It includes the dining room, the kitchen, dishroom and pantry. Other facilities are Billy Roberts Chapel, which serves as a worship area and/or meeting area. Six rustic dormitory cabins each sleep 12, plus other smaller buildings. There are two modern shower houses with flush toilets and an arts and crafts cabin. Most buildings are heated with wood stoves.

The camp is situated on 66 hilly acres with two grassy playing areas located below the lodge and by the beach. One gets plenty of exercise going from the cabins to the lodge or lake. Recreational options include: canoeing, swimming, the New Iceberg, volleyball, tetherball, arts & crafts, archery, paddleboat, fishing, and sailing.

Camping in Alaska is unique for several reasons. The sun sets at 1am on June 21, summer solstice and rises again at 3am, but doesn’t get dark during the summer. Alaska is the Land of the Midnight Sun. The endless sunshine creates a lot of energy. The lack of darkness does have an impact on camp life. Any sense of bedtime is strictly by the clock, as the sun does not give any indication of time or direction. The light does make for enjoyable after-dinner camp swims and evening canoeing.

The camp is very quaint. The sunsets over the lake are fantastic and last for hours. The surrounding land is simply beautiful. Just beyond our property… the wilderness begins and extends for hundreds of miles with only one major road in the entire area. The terrain is hilly with forest and intermittent permafrost surrounding the camp. Mosquitoes can be fierce during the twilight hours, especially the first half of summer. Moose are common in the area and migrating ducks and loons frequently visit the lake.

Swimming in the lake is definitely an experience! The lake water is very clear and deep, but is pretty chilly. Harding Lake still has ice on it through the third week in May. June and July temperatures are in the 70’s and occasional 80’s but can also be in the 50’s when rainy or overcast.

The camp is rented to guest groups before and after Bingle sponsored camps. Support staff is needed for some of these weeks. The Facilities personnel such as the Camp Host, Cook, Assistant Cook, Dishwasher and Grounds person are expected around the 1st of June.

We are looking for individuals who love the Lord and like working with children. We need team players who are caring, creative, energetic, adventuresome, responsible and in good health. For program staff we would like individuals who have experience with children and in leading small-groups, are knowledgeable about the Bible, and are excited about teaching, nurturing and leading children in a wonderful outdoor setting.

It is our commitment to assure parents that entrust us with the care of their children that every effort is being made to ensure the safety and well being of the campers. Bingle Camp has stringent policies on behavior as well as a sexual propriety application. Furthermore, all staff members must pass a background check.

Bingle Camp is a wonderful place to spend the summer. If you are intrigued in serving the Lord in a camp setting in Alaska and want to be part of our ministry, complete an application form!

If you are a parent looking for a safe, fun environment for your child please continue to the registration process. We look forward to serving you!