Pathfinders Application

  • Policies and Procedures

    Please read the policies and procedures and initial that you have read and agree to these policies.

  • Staff Policy Guidelines

    Staff Policy Guidelines We are excited about the excellent staff that God has led to us for this camping season and as a member of the Bingle Camp Staff, you will be playing a key role in ministering to both children and families during the time you are at Bingle Camp. We have found it helpful to establish policy to serve as “common ground” for Camp life because you each possess different personalities, lifestyles and expectations. It is important that each staff member understand and agree to abide by these guidelines before coming to camp. Please read through these carefully; a violation of policy guidelines may be grounds for termination.

    Staff are representatives of Bingle Camp at all times on and off Camp property. You are expected to conduct yourself in such a manner as to project a positive image of Bingle Camp to the public. This is accomplished by preserving and upholding the Christian character and by portraying a positive reputation and image of the camp, both as a group and as individuals. Bingle Camp exists in a small community and an incident may exist in the mind of the community for years. We ask that you observe:

    Modesty in dress, swimwear, and accessories. No gauges larger than 1/4. New tattoos and piercings are a health issue for our summer staff. Many of the activities we have at camp involve getting into the waters of Harding Lake. Harding Lake is a fairly clean lake, but infections still happen. By choosing to get a new tattoo or piercing during the summer you open the door to getting an infection that could prevent you from doing your job. We are not taking a theological stand about tattoos and piercings. You are welcome to have healed tattoos and piercings prior to employment with Bingle Camp.

    Use appropriate language at all times.

    Abstain from gambling, sex and the use of all alcohol and illegal drugs.

    Use of tobacco products is forbidden in the presence of campers and is only allowed in designated areas. Should tobacco use be an issue for you, the only appropriate place on Bingle Camp property is the area known as the gravel pit.

    Romans 13: 13-14 Let us behave properly as in the day, not in sexual promiscuity and sensuality, not in strife and jealousy. But put on the Lord Jesus Christ, and make no provision for the flesh in regard to its lusts. ASB

    We recognize that close relationships will form during the summer in many ways that can be healthy. Over the years we have learned that dating relationships that form in the summer can negatively affect Bingle Camp’s ministry, and often causes disunity among our staff. Our hope is that prospective staff will have a heart to pour their life into the children and youth that are here this summer. Should a romantic interest kindle this summer, we simply ask that our staff to wait until summer is over to pursue that relationship. We also ask our summer staff to “contribute to staff unity by pursuing and developing only those relationships that are above reproach and inclusive in nature.” Staff members may not under any circumstance date campers or pathfinders.

    Issues of sexual harassment must be reported immediately to the Camp Director.

    Any acts of aggression or verbal insults directed towards a staff member or a camper is grounds for immediate termination.

    The housing at Bingle Camp is adequate, but not a resort. You will be living in close quarters with other staff members. You are responsible keeping your personal area clean and in order. We expect you to respect each other’s space. There is limited locked space on camp premises for valuables, occasionally personal items have been broken and/or lost. Bingle Camp discourages you from bringing anything of value or importance to camp. We assume no responsibility for replacing a personal staff item.

    Meals are provided for staff while campers are in camp and staff are expected to eat with campers. The cook will mark food available for staff. Staff are expected to clean up after themselves on the weekends which includes Knox Retreat Center. Dishes from the Knox Retreat Center need to stay in that facility, as well as the Lodge’s dishes in the Lodge. Limited personal food items may be stored. No food maybe stored in cabins. Any items not for general consumption should be clearly marked!

    The vehicles are to be used for transportation of camp goods, campers and may be used on days off for staff activities, but not for personal use. Only designated staff may drive Bingle Camp vehicles, they must drive responsibly, observe all speed limits and laws of the road and require all passengers to wear seat belts prior to vehicle being in motion.

    Camp vehicles may never be used to visit bars, to purchase or transport alcohol, or be driven while under in influence of alcohol or drugs. Violation of the aforementioned behaviors is grounds for immediate termination.

    Staff may use the camp’s sailboats, canoes and paddleboat during personal time if it does not interfere with program use. Only designated staff may drive the Bingle Camp Bayliner.

    Any person using watercraft will always wear PFDs and take whistles to use to signal for help.

    Staff will engage in legal fishing only, which means purchasing a fishing license. Harding Lake is closed to “pike” fishing including catch and release. In Alaska, violation of this law is a misdemeanor. Persons caught fishing illegally can have their gear, including watercraft confiscated as well as face a serious fine.

    The camp does at times have a TV and video equipment. Staff are permitted to use it on weekends until midnight. Please use good judgment, and remember that you are in a Christian setting and often in the presence of under 18 staff members, when choosing movies to view at camp. Abuse of this policy will result in loss of privilege for the group.

    Music creates and adds to atmosphere. We are responsible for creating a Christian environment; therefore music played at Camp should further enhance the program. Campers are not allowed electronic devices. Therefore, any music played in the presence of campers will be from the Christian community.

    When Guest Groups are present, the guest group has preference over music played on the Camp Grounds since the area is theirs while they are renting the facility.

    Bingle Camp realizes the importance of maintaining relationships at home; we encourage you to develop a support system that can encourage you while you are ministering this summer. Personal cell phones are not to be on your person while camp is in session.

    Internet usage may be available during free times or days off for communication with friends and family. Extended use of the Internet is not permitted. Try to be sensitive; you will all have calls to make, email to retrieve. Use common courtesy. No downloading of materials is allowed. Inappropriate use of the Internet may be grounds for termination. Personal computer equipment is to be used only on designated staff time off.

    Injuries should be reported to the Camp Director immediately, since those that are reported after the summer camp season are not covered under insurance. Bingle Camp Ministries Insurance covers accidents, not illnesses.

    In Conclusion Much of living together peacefully simply involves being courteous and concerned for the well-being of each other.

    John 13: 34-35 “A new commandment I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another. By this all men will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another.”

    Please consider what might attribute to possible irritations; be aware of your body’s needs. Consider that due to the nature of your responsibilities you will sometimes get tired and irritated. Only you can make the adjustments required for you. Let’s all work together to bring conflicts about in a peaceful resolution.

    By initialing this agreement, I have accepted the policies set forth and are aware that violation of policy may result in termination of service with Bingle Camp Ministries. Furthermore, termination will result in my being responsible for fees incurred because of travel plans. PLEASE NOTE:
  • Bingle Camp Ministries' Policy and Procedures on Sexual Propriety and Child Abuse

    I. Introduction II. Sexual Misconduct III. Relationships IV. Child Abuse V. Reporting

    I. Introduction Bingle Camp Ministries is given a sacred trust by the parents of our campers. As an institution we must be prepared to protect the safety of our campers and establish clear-cut guidelines for the conduct of those who have oversight of our children and youth. This policy is developed for the relationships between summer staff, volunteers, permanent staff and the board of directors with campers and each other.

    The ethical conduct of all who minister in the name of Jesus Christ is of vital importance to the Church because these representative convey an understanding of God and the gospel's good news. Their manner of life should be a demonstration of the Christian gospel in the church and the world. (Ref. Line 430)

    It is the policy of Bingle Camp Ministries that all summer staff, volunteers, permanent staff, and board of directors are to maintain the integrity of the ministerial, employment, and professional relationship at all times. Sexual misconduct is not only a violation of the principles set forth in Scripture, but also of the ministerial employment and professional relationship and is never permissible. Staff is to refrain from any implied or explicit form of sexual misconduct.

    As God who called you is holy, be holy yourselves in all your conduct. (Ref. Line 417) I Peter 1:15

    Tend the flock of God that is your charge, not under compulsion but willingly, not for sordid gain but eagerly, not lord it over those in your charge but be examples to the flock. I Peter 5:2

    You know that we who teach shall be judged with greater strictness. James 3:1

    II. Sexual Misconduct

    CHILD SEXUAL ABUSE includes, but is not limited to, any contact or interacting between a child and an adult when the child is being used for the sexual stimulation of the adult person or of a third person. The behavior may or may not involve touching. Sexual behavior between a child and an adult is always considered forced whether or not consented to by the child. The upper age limit for child sexual abuse are those set by the State of Alaska. (Ref. Line 293)

    SEXUAL HARASSMENT includes unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, and other verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature.

    SEXUAL MISCONDUCT includes child sexual abuse (defined above), sexual harassment (defined above), rape or sexual contact by force, threat, or intimidation, and sexual malfeasance. (Ref. Line 391)

    III. Relationships Summer staff must carefully guard against any intentional or accidental physical contact with campers which can be construed as sexual in nature.

    Dating within the summer staff is discouraged. Supervisors of summer staff have the right, authority and duty to advise, instruct and demand modifications in dating behavior between summer staff, and any staff members and campers.

    The summer staff are afforded much trust, they must avoid the appearance of impropriety which diverts us from the goal of our ministry together. Sexual impropriety is grounds for immediate dismissal. Transportation to return home is the staff person's responsibility.

    IV. Child Abuse

    As professionals and who work with children, we are often the first ones to know of or suspect abuse. Symptoms and signs of child abuse, including physical abuse, sexual abuse, neglect and emotional abuse will be covered in staff training. We are required by law to report child abuse to minors once it is suspected or disclosed.

    Staff will also take preventative measures to prevent camper to camper abuse/intimidation by keeping campers within sight or sound distance as much as possible with our existing facilities.

    V. Reporting

    Reports of sexual misconduct or child abuse should never be taken lightly or disregarded or allowed to circulate without concern for the integrity and reputation of the accuser, the accused, and Bingle Camp Ministries. (Ref. Line 696)

    The first person to learn of an incident of sexual misconduct should not undertake an inquiry alone or question either the accuser or the accused. Assure the child or person of privacy, but not confidentiality. Get the facts, but don't interrogate. Believe the child. Reassure the person, but don't make promises. The first person to learn of an incident must immediately report the incident as follows: (Ref. Line 703)

    Reports should be dealt with as matters of highest confidentiality both before and after they have been submitted to appropriate authorities as outlines below. (Ref. Line 699)

    Minors - Notify the Camp Director or member of the Board of Directors, who will immediately notify the proper State of Alaska authorities. They will also inform the insurance carrier.

    Adults - Notify either the Camp Director or member of the Board of Directors. The Director will take appropriate action and will notify the insurance carrier.

    *NOTE--The numbers in parentheses refer to the lines in the GENERAL ASSEMBLY OF THE PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH (USA) Policy and Procedures on Sexual Misconduct.