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Thank you for your interest in a staff position at Bingle Camp! The snow maybe falling, the days are short and summer camp seems to have just ended but we are already planning and anticipating who will be a part of the new summer staff and getting ready for what God has in store for next summer! Many of our staff comes from the lower 48 states. God does an awesome thing at camp that is very moving to be a part of—He takes a group of people from all over with different ages, denominational backgrounds, likes, and dislikes and molds them together as a team to share the Gospel. Are you being called to be a part of this year’s team at Bingle Camp?

We are looking for team players that are willing to share their love of Christ with our campers not just vocally but also in attitude and daily lives. Bingle Camp makes intentional efforts to include children from all denominations, economic, health, and social levels. We also invite children from various rural Alaskan villages. At Bingle Camp, we find that having diversity in staff and campers further enhances our program effectiveness. Additionally the Board of Directors seeks individuals that are open to the differences within the body of Christ and is willing to work with those various denominational backgrounds and traditions.

Positions available are:
# Cook: Three meals a day for 20-40 people, occasional meals for up to 80 (provided with kitchen help), plan meals, and provide shopping list.

# Male and Female Counselors: Must be 19 years old, High School graduate for at least one year, one year of college preferred.

# Pathfinders (Jr Counselors): 15+ yrs old

It’s a bonus if you have these added skills and interests.
# Lifeguard, archery, canoeing, sailing, hiking, camping skills, photography, arts & crafts…

As a Bingle staff member you will have the opportunity to have a positive influence on our campers by giving love and support in a Christ-like way. You will be a part of a vital mission in Alaska. You will be challenged as you relate daily with our campers, your faith will grow as you depend on Christ and participate with God as he uses you in ministry with and to others…so please prayerfully consider whether God is calling you to be a part of the Bingle Camp staff this summer.

Our summer season is short; therefore we offer short trips to Fairbanks and some other sightseeing experiences. Once the camping season is over, you are free to experience more of what Alaska has to offer by traveling beyond the camp premises on your own. We can help some with getting you set up for such travels.

Bingle Camp Ministries wishes your summer mission to be an awesome experience for you. We offer assistance to staff in meeting their mission budget and our supporters offer financial assistance to your summer mission funding.

Look over the various positions described; do you fit the qualifications for one or more of our jobs? If you do and are feeling called to this opportunity to serve, then please fill out the enclosed application forms and email, or mail them to us along with a signed sexual propriety form and staff policy form. Give reference forms to three people who know you, one of whom may be your pastor, and have them email, or mail the finished references back to us.

Once all these steps are complete we will be able to begin the hiring process. It may seem long and tedious, but is necessary so we can provide the safest, most Christ-centered environment for all our campers and staff.

We look forward to hearing from you soon. Positions will fill quickly; summer will be here before you know it, so get your application and references in promptly!

May God bless and guide you!

 College Students and Older Apply Here


High School Students Apply Here